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We analyse and optimise corporate communication throughout the entire innovation process – for example, the involvement of partners and operators in brainstorming through discourse at an early stage with stakeholders.



If your company knew, what your company knows – the best innovation topics usually stay undetected because they do not reach the communication department.

A view from the outside helps. inscico topic-scouts search for innovation topics, embed these in social debates and carry out media appropriate preparation.

Your benefit: Topic-Scouting utilises unused communication potential. This also frequently results in new innovation ideas.


Communication Culture

Innovation managers think of communication when the product is finalised. This is usually too late. Communication has to be considered throughout the entire innovation process. inscico helps to optimise these communication processes.

Your benefit: Early communication results in a more transparent innovation process and a lower failure rate.


Innovative Communication

More than ever, innovation communication requires new methods for dialogue, especially for online media. Together with your company, inscico develops a strategy for the usage of social media.

Your benefit: New forms of communication address emotions and provide valuable information about target audiences..




inscico is a private research and consulting institution for science and innovation communication, situated in Cleves, Germany. inscico pools insights and methods from interdisciplinary science and utilises these in commissioned research, consultancy services, evaluation and further training for companies and research institutions.

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