Innovations Report

The business report is obligatory for many companies; the environment/sustainability report is well established nowadays, too. Reports on innovation potential, however, fall short for many companies, mainly because of a lack of in-house information. The innovations report helps by measuring  innovation potential using approved indicators. On request inscico can produce the report in its own publishing house.

Your benefit: Your company gains information about its own innovation behaviour and identifies itself as an innovative company publicly.



inscico publishes book series on corporate and innovation communication topics, also on behalf of companies and their employees, who wish to implement their  own book projects. Thanks to printing-on- demand, costs are low and inscico can also provide e-book distribution.

Your benefit: Employees identify themselves as trendsetters and win prestige for their organisation.


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inscico is a private research and consulting institution for science and innovation communication, situated in Cleves, Germany. inscico pools insights and methods from interdisciplinary science and utilises these in commissioned research, consultancy services, evaluation and further training for companies and research institutions.

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